Middle East presentation at the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, by Mr. Ahmed Al Mansoori, Dubai

The 2019 Beijing Xiangshan hosted a variety of concurrent sessions focusing on critical issues facing China, the region, and the world. Two of the sessions addressed Security Developments in the Middle East. SIGNAL’s Executive Director, Carice Witte, spoke at the first session about regional developments. Also on the panel were experts from China, Germany, and Pakistan. Joining the second session on the Middle East was former UAE parliamentarian, Ahmed Almansoori from Dubai. Mr. Almansoori’s talk presented an analysis of key challenges facing the Middle East and offered fresh ideas on how to address these issues. Mr. Almansoori is an innovative thinker who is committed to re-examining existing conventional wisdom to identify new ways to foster the development and success of societies in the Middle East. The full transcript of his talk can be found here.

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