SIGNAL Group's Academic Programs

Prior to SIGNAL Group’s establishment in 2011, there were no Israel Studies courses in China. Almost every year since then, new SIGNAL Group Israel Studies Programs have been established at Chinese universities. Today, more than 20 universities across China work with SIGNAL Group to incorporate Israeli Studies courses into their curriculums. Appreciating the need for greater Sino-Israeli academic understanding and collaboration, these Chinese universities now offer BAs, MAs, and PhDs to their students pursuing Israel Studies.

Program Overview

Israel Studies Program (ISP)

SIGNAL Group’s Israel Studies Program (ISP) promotes the study of Israel and greater Israeli society as well as Israel’s relationship with the Middle East and the world through a series of tailored courses, seminars, special lectures, and customized training. SIGNAL Group helps develop courses that become integrated into the affiliated Chinese universities’ existing curriculum. The courses are designed to address the Chinese students’ specific academic interests and enrich their overall knowledge about Israel and the region.

Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP)

SIGNAL Group’s FFP is held at the Ben-Gurion University’s Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism located at the Sde Boker Campus. The program is headed by Prof. Paula Kabalo, a leading Israel Studies professor. Throughout their semester in Israel, the SIGNAL Group-selected Chinese faculty members receive custom-tailored training courses that empower them to return to China and teach Israeli Studies.

Research Paper Competition

Chinese universities partnering with SIGNAL Group hold a yearly research paper competition on Israel-related topics. The project encourages Chinese students to investigate various aspects of Israeli society.

Academic Seminars

SIGNAL Group’s Academic Seminars greatly enrich the study experience of the students enrolled in ISPs in China. For these seminars, Israeli professors travel to Chinese universities that cooperate with SIGNAL Group to give a lecture series on their respective areas of expertise.

Kesher, Global E-Learning

KESHER brings Israeli Scholars’ expertise to all corners of the globe. Join us as we travel to Israel through the words and lectures of our extraordinary Israeli experts.

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Since SIGNAL Group’s establishment in 2010, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of Chinese universities seeking to cooperate and form partnerships with Israeli academics. Join our SIGNAL Group Academic Programs Family and gain access to our unparalleled Sino-Israel academic network.