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SIGNAL's Executive Director Carice Witte on Glz Radio

קאריס וויטי

SIGNAL's Executive Director Carice Witte on i24 News 24/10/21

קאריס וויטי

China’s reliance on Middle East oil, gas to rise sharply

Dale Aluf

BRI: Digital know-how along China's BRI will set future global tech standards

Staff Writer

Israel is and will remain a staunch US ally but China’s rising role as a stabilizing force in the Middle East is drawing Jerusalem closer to Beijing


Former Mossad director: 'China is the only country which can bring agreement in Vienna'

Israel Kasnett

Carice Witte Joined Irina Tsukerman on “The Washington Outsider” to discuss Israel China Relations – Economic, Social, and Political Challenges and Opportunities in the Biden Era

השקעות של מאות מיליארדי דולרים בעשרות מדינות, בניית תשתיות והסכמי סחר: סין שואפת לכונן סדר כלכלי עולמי חדש בהנהגתה

ניר דבורי

Dale Aluf Joined i24’s Laura Cellier on “The Middle East Now” to discuss the first “China and the Palestinian Question” conference that took place in Istanbul

Jerusalem Post Opinion Palestinians seek to turn China against Israel - opinion

Dale Aluf

SIGNAL's Executive Director @Carice Witte discussed Biden and Xi's first virtual summit

רוח חמה או רוחות של שינוי: האם מגלאזגו תצא הבשורה?

שני אשכנזי

China’s interest in the Middle East: from barrels to bytes

Dale Aluf

SIGNAL's Executive Director Carice Witte on i24 News: China Looks to Lift Homework Pressure off Kids

ח"כ גלנט: "השנה הקרובה קריטית לעצירת איראן"

אמיר בוחבוט

‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ and China’s New View of War

Carice Witte

היו"ר הסיני שהשקיע כאן צנח אל מותו - וישראל צריכה להשיב על שאלה קשה

אבי בר-אלי

"סין תפחית את משקל הנדל"ן, גם במחיר של האטת הצמיחה"

סופי שולמן

Logiken som driver Kinas kampanj mot landets teknikjättar

Dale Aluf (Translated by JOJJE OLSSON)

Israel’s binary fallacy in the US-China rivalry - opinion

Dale Aluf and Aaron Schorr

SIGNAL's Executive Director Carice Witte interviewed on i24 News on China's Expanding Nuclear Capabilities - July 2021​

The logic driving China’s big tech clampdown

Dale Aluf

השר לשעבר והאלוף במיל' יואב גלנט לבכירים סינים: לא נקבל פתיחת חזית איראנית ברמת הגולן

ד"ר אמיר בוחבוט

גלנט לבכירים סיניים: ישראל לא תקבל חזית איראנית ברמת הגולן

אמיר בוחבוט

Business opportunities and leverage squandered in Israel-China tech relations: Food Security

Carice Witte

China finance meets the 4th Industrial Revolution: Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit shows China positioning itself at the core of this emerging technology

Dale Aluf

The real motivation behind China’s digital yuan: The digital yuan will not replace the US dollar but that doesn't mean its rollout won't have seismic financial implications

Dale Aluf

מנכ"לית מכון SIGNAL ליחסי ישראל סין: "שינוי מדיניות הילודה מכוון ליצירת תדמית של חברה חופשית"

אנה רייבה ברסקי

How China views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The current fighting reveals just how difficult it will be for Beijing to maintain friendships with both sides

Dale Aluf

Who really won the Israel-Hamas war?: Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh declared 'victory' but his group's terror tactics hurt ordinary Palestinians the most

Dale Aluf

Chinese media: US supports Israel because of wealthy Jews. Israeli Foreign Ministry calls to take down video featuring “blatant antisemitism” and “racist and dangerous” ideas.

Lahav Harkov

Why has China emerged as leading critic of Israel over Gaza? The recent controversy over the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza has led to harsh comments from China, some of them directed at the US, but which appear to be tougher critique of Israel than in the past.


China-Iran: Bad news, but it could be worse for Israel - analysis. China would also receive a major discount on Iranian oil and become a near monopsony, as long as sanctions on Iran remain.

Lahav Harkov

שיא ללימודי ישראל בסין: למה הסינים צמאים ללמוד עלינו?

עדי זריפי

China's swift ascent to global economic and military might has led to a growing unease among Israel's Western allies, especially the United States."

Carice Witte and Dale Aluf

China - The big story out of Herzliya might be about China and Israeli drones.

Eli Lake

Don’t Look to Biden to Solve Israel’s China Dilemma

David Rosenberg

US warns Chinese investments in Israeli tech could pose a security threat

Toi Staff

US to Israel: China poses significant security threat to tech industry

JNS and ILH Staff​

"We would like to see Israel doing more to monitor Chinese investments, mainly in high-tech," says US Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs David Schenker.

JNS and ILH Staff​

China eyes Israel's chip industry amidst the rivalry with the US SIGNAL's Dale Aluf explains in The Diplomat Israel's risky balancing act.

Dale Aluf

"אם ממשלת ישראל מצפה שארה"ב תיקח בחשבון את האינטרסים הישראליים מול איראן, ישראל צריכה להראות שהיא לוקחת בחשבון את האינטרסים האמריקנים מול סין" - טוען טומי שטיינר מסיגנל על רקע חילופי הממשל בוושינגטון

טומי שטיינר

No matter who is elected, semiconductor technology will probably be the next focal point in the US-China rivalry, and Israel may find itself stuck in the crosshairs. SIGNAL's Carice Witte explains on i24NEWS.

מנכ"לית ומייסדת סיגנל קאריס וויטי מציפה בשער כלכליסט סוגיה קריטית - השפעת היריבות בין ארה"ב לסין על תעשיית השבבים הישראלית

סופי שולמן

יו"ר סיגנל קריס ויטי ל עידן קוולר בערוץ הכנסת ערוץ כנסת על החוק הסיני לאיסור מכירת טכנולוגיה לזרים כדי לחסום את עסקת טיק-טוק – ישראלים השוקלים עסקים עם סין צריכים לקחת בחשבון שסין עלולה לשנות את הכללים בכל עת. עוד דיברו על היריבות האמריקנית-סינית וישראל.

SIGNAL's Carice Witte assesses that China may be held accountable for Iran's malign activities in the Middle East if the two countries enhance their cooperation.

Laura Zhou

A more gender-balanced system of global governance post Covid19? This just might be possible, and even more effective, according to SIGNAL’s Carice Witte

יו"ר סיגנל קאריס וויטי בשיחה עם ערן סיקורל ב"שעה הבינ"ל" של Reshet Bet: סין מצפה לבחירות לנשיאות ארה"ב, אך לא מעדיפה בהכרח את ביידן; ההנהגה הסינית מאמינה שבכהונה שנייה טראמפ יחתור ל"דיל". עוד בשיחה - מקומה של סין בבחירות לנשיאות וסכסוך הגבולות בין הודו לסין.

SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte segment on the Definitely Uncertain Podcast highlights the growing global need for China expertise. With Darren Rockman, she reveals the ins-and-outs of US-China tech war and ramifications for Israel's high-tech industry.

Think you know China? Think again! SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte dives into the depths of this ancient kingdom with Dan Feferman and the Jewanced Podcast crew, discussing everything from its relationship with Israel and its efforts to reshape the global order.

SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte tells i24NEWS: "It's okay for Israel to continue commercial relations with China, just be aware of the national security issues!"

Carice Witte, Founder of SIGNAL, offers a frank assessment of Israel China relations and advice on how to turn dangers to advantages.

סין התלוננה, משרד הבריאות הסיר סרטון מהפייסבוק

The Trump administration plans to ban Chinese apps like TikTok and WeChat. Will America pressure allies to do the same, and what does this mean for Israel? SIGNAL Director of Research and Strategy, Dale Aluf, shares his thoughts with i24NEWS

China’s Space Silk Road reaches Mars and beyond

אחרי מספר חודשים של סנקציות והפעלת לחץ, יחד עם הקורונה שהשפיעה רבות על המדינה, איראן נמצאת בעמדה חלשה בה היא מוכנה לתת פתח לדריסת הרגל של סין. זהו דפוס חוזר הנראה בהתנהלות השיטתית של סין.

What does Iran’s pivot to China mean for Israel?

What stands behind the latest US-China consulate controversy? SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte, explains

פוליטיקת נקמה: כך מענישה סין את המדינות שלא עושות כרצונה

журнал лехаим

How Israel Is Cultivating Peace During COVID-19

US-China fight - taking it to the financial markets

Israel will have to walk a fine line between accommodating the U.S. and maintaining freedom of relations with China

Will Israeli-China relations become an American test of loyalty

Danger ahead: US bumps in China’s global belt and road

Staring into the abyss of US-China decoupling

Israel caught in the middle of intensifying rivalry between US and China

China’s bear hug for the blockchain

Chinese bid knocked back as Israel gets caught between US-China rivalry

Resolution of Sorek 2 controversy ushers in new stage of Israel-China ties

Expert: Israel must always heed US concerns, but its China ties can still thrive

Israel-China Relations: Staring Into the Abyss of US-Chinese Decoupling

The world after COVID-19

The world after COVID-19

The impact of the coronavirus in China: Implications for Israel

Containing COVID-19: what the US & China can learn from Israel

Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Israel in May, SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte, was interviewed about US concerns over Chinese investment in Israel.

When life returns to normal, the rivalry that previously defined US-China relations will increase.

Analysis: A Trust Deficit In The Time Of Coronavirus Leads To A Lost Opportunity

Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Israel in May, SIGNAL's Executive Director, Carice Witte, was interviewed about US concerns over Chinese investment in Israel.

Pompeo to visit Israel on Wednesday: China likely to be on agenda

Scoop: State-owned think tank floats China-led WHO alternative

China’s coronavirus cover-up and the implications for Israel

Following the tragic and untimely death of Chinese Ambassador DuWei, Carice Witte, was interviewed by i24NEWS

Carice Witte, discussed the longterm ramifications of COVID19, as well what countries stand to learn from one another during these troubled times in her interview at i24 News.

US scrutiny of Israel's China ties expands to universities

A response to: ‘Can China Replace the United States in Israel?’

The coronavirus has been “really devastating within China,” according to Carice Witte, founder and Executive Director of SIGNAL. As she explains to Aaron Poris on ILTV Everything Israel LTD

China’s interest in the Middle East: from barrels to bytes

Dale Aluf

SIGNAL's Executive Director Carice Witte on Glz Radio

קאריס וויטי