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7th Annual China Policy Conference: “US-China Competition, Meet the Middle East”

Convened at the end of 2022, SIGNAL Group’s 7th Annual Conference was particularly timely in taking stock of the primary drivers shaping Israel’s China Policy. The conference examined the implications and unfolding dynamics of the Sino-American rivalry in the Middle East. In recent months, the U.S. has publicly acknowledged the growing influence of China in the region and has prioritized its redress, while enlisting its regional allies to support its global priorities in challenging China’s rise.

In the meantime, as SIGNAL Group’s in-house research showed, China continues to consider the Middle East a major geo-economic and geo-political arena demonstrated by enhanced diplomatic engagement and the expanding rollout of China’s Digital Silk Road and BRI projects that continue to enjoy ongoing funding. These trends informed the formulation of Israel’s China policy. This policy portrayed a new assessment of the balance of risks and opportunities in bilateral transactions.

Therefore, the SIGNAL Group 2022 conference also assessed U.S. allies’ and partners’ scope of agency and maneuverability amid the great power rivalry.


6th Annual China Policy Conference: " “Navigating Through the Storm: Israel & the U.S.-China Rivalry”"

In December, SIGNAL Group convened its sixth annual conference drawing together senior Israeli and international participants from government, business, and academia to assess China-Israel relations, China’s engagement in the Middle East, and the geopolitical implications of China’s role on the world stage.

The first session examined the implications for Israel of China’s growing interest and presence in the Middle East amid the Sino-American rivalry. With the Biden administration’s China strategy heavily reliant on closing ranks with its allies, the second session evaluated possible strategic consequences for Israel and its relations with China. The final session explored the emerging opportunities and challenges for Israeli businesses in China and with Chinese corporations. The concluding speech by former Mossad Chief and longtime friend of SIGNAL Group, Ambassador Efraim Halevy, on how China became the only country that can influence Iran to roll back its nuclear program captured notable media attention

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, SIGNAL Group convened its sixth annual conference in hybrid format – broadcasting from Tel Aviv with a select live audience and connecting with speakers and participants from around the world via a ZOOM webinar platform. The full recording of the conference can be found here.

To mark the upcoming 30th anniversary of China-Israel diplomatic relations, SIGNAL Group in cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Israel, convened a special roundtable bringing together Chinese and Israeli practitioners who were instrumental in establishing and building official China-Israel relations over the years to share their stories and insights. The recording can be found here.


5th Annual China Policy Conference: "The U.S.-China Rivalry and Israel’s Strategic Landscape"

In December 2020, SIGNAL Group hosted the 5th Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy. The conference addressed 1.The implications of the Sino-American great power competition for Israel. 2. The growing presence of China in the Middle East. Considering the technology race between the two superpowers. 3. Shed light on the prospects of the China-Israel Innovation Partnership. 4. The emerging U.S.-led global and Indo-Pacific frameworks in order to explore new possible strategic and diplomatic opportunities for Israel.

November, 2019

Annual China Policy Conference: "China-Israel Relations in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges"

In November 2019, SIGNAL Group hosted the 4th Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy. This year’s conference focused on how key countries are dealing with China’s unique approach to foreign affairs and international relations and the growing rivalry between US and China. The conference was co-hosted by the Israel Council on Foreign Affairs and the Institute for Policy and Strategy at Reichman University. Closing remarks were delivered by former Mossad chief and SIGNAL Group Board Member, Efraim Halevy.

#SIGNALGroup2022 - December 8th, 2022 - SIGNAL Group's 7th Annual Conference

Photo Gallery - SIGNAL Group Annual Conference 2022

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