SIGNAL Group’s research is designed to bring actionable insights to decision makers working across government, business, and academia. We aim to communicate an accurate view of Israel and the Middle East in China and to cultivate in-depth knowledge of China in Israel. SIGNAL Group taps into research communities, industry, and academic institutions worldwide to cultivate theories, knowledge, and techniques that drive our initiatives.

Coming Soon: Navigating the Nuances of China's Influence in Middle East and North Africa

Evolution in Vision: Principal Contradictions of Chinese Policy

March 2024

China’s subsea-cable power in the Middle East and North Africa

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 May 2023

Chinese Mediation in the Middle East: seeds for a New Global Governance Architecture?

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June 2023

Healthcare in China: Challenges and Gaps

April 2022

The Success of Israeli Tech in the COVID Pandemic

March 2022

Demystifying China’s Complex Relationship with Bitcoin: Past, Present, & Future

June 2021

China as a Conflict Mediator: Interests, Influence, and Implications for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

September 2021

Shadows of Conflict: Shifts in America’s Iran Policy

October 2020

China in the Middle East

How Countries Engage a Rising China

This research project examines China’s international relations with a select group of countries: Australia, Chile, Netherlands, Singapore, and Switzerland. It looks at how these countries understand Chinese foreign policy, and conduct relations with Beijing. It also outlines the resulting consequences. Through the systematic presentation of the principles and dynamics underlying these engagements, this inquiry offers an empirically grounded framework which may guide the formulation of appropriate foreign policy strategies that can be directed towards the East Asian power. The study aims to contribute to the enrichment and crystallization of Israel’s thinking regarding China during a period of rapidly shifting international power dynamics.

History of China's FTAs

In 2016, Israel and China agreed to enter Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations. For China, FTAs are not only tools to enhance trade relations, but also instruments for achieving diplomatic and strategic objectives. SIGNAL Group’s inquiry into China’s FTAs sheds light on Chinese priorities when forming these types of agreements and the factors determining their terms – illuminating Beijing’s strategic mindset and expectations.

Blue Book

The Blue Book is a Chinese language series, published annually, covering domestic issues and country studies. The series serves as a reference for policy experts, scholars, Party, and Government officials across China. The series comprises of approximately 15 countries. The Israel Blue Book was first published in 2015 by the Director of the SIGNAL Group Henan University Israel Studies Program, Prof. Zhang Qianhong. Each year, SIGNAL Group provides original source material for the essays, as well as original articles written by SIGNAL Group staff, SIGNAL Group fellows, and other Israeli /Jewish experts.

2017 Survey: Israeli Attitudes and Perceptions of China, its people and the BRI

This study, commissioned by China’s Ministry of Education, was initiated by Dr. Li Wei, a Research Fellow from the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) of China’s Northwest University, and conducted in collaboration with SIGNAL Group.

The Geography of Sino-Israeli Relations

Binyamin Tjong-Alvares

From the Jewish Political Studies Review, Vol. 24, Nos. 3–4 (Fall 2012), published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.