How Israeli healthcare could partner with China-led AIIB
תקציר בעברית בתחתית המאמר

As the world continues to battle against a pandemic of epic proportions, upgrading healthcare systems, developing MedTech innovations, and improving emergency response capabilities have become critical endeavors for countries worldwide. For developing nations that lack the resources to realize these goals, the stakes are higher than ever. Israel, ranked fifth among the 20 "most innovative countries" during the coronavirus crisis, is well-positioned to come to their aid. But launching such a project on a global scale would require significant capital. This raises a question: who would fund it?

The real motivation behind China’s digital yuan
The People’s Republic of China does not seem to want people to think that its digital yuan holds any potential to influence global power dynamics. 

In March this year, China’s state-run Global Times ran a piece titled “China’s digital yuan trials completely irrelevant to geopolitics.” Nevertheless, analysts on the other side of the Pacific seem to harbor a different view.

China finance meets the 4th Industrial Revolution

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has spurred the development and integration of advanced disruptive technologies both within and across societies, with vast implications that extend from individuals’ daily lives all the way to the sphere of geopolitics. Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more striking than in China’s financial sector. 

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