The real motivation behind China’s digital yuan

The People’s Republic of China does not seem to want people to think that its digital yuan holds any potential to influence global power dynamics.  In March this year, China’s state-run Global Times ran a piece titled “China’s digital yuan trials completely irrelevant to geopolitics.” Nevertheless, analysts on the other side of the Pacific seem to harbor […]

China finance meets the 4th Industrial Revolution

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has spurred the development and integration of advanced disruptive technologies both within and across societies, with vast implications that extend from individuals’ daily lives all the way to the sphere of geopolitics. Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more striking than in China’s financial sector.  The Huawei Intelligent Finance […]

How China views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The current fighting reveals just how difficult it will be for Beijing to maintain friendships with both sides. Recent weeks have seen Israelis and Palestinians engage in a conflict of the largest scale since 2014. More than 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza this past week, and for a brief period, several […]

China’s position on the Gaza-instigated war reveals long standing Chinese interests

On May 17, CGTN posted the statement of the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who chaired Sunday’s United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting on the Israel-Palestine situation. “We urge Israel to earnestly fulfill its international treaty obligations, lift the blockade and siege of Gaza as soon as possible, guarantee the safety and rights […]

Feeding 1.4bn people: a matter of national security

While Israel may not look at food as a national security issue, China certainly does. Until 30 years ago, food in China was scarce and the country was periodically plagued by famine. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that feeding 1.4 billion people has become a national priority and a primary focus of its […]

China’s two sessions – why Israeli policymakers & entrepreneurs should’ve been watching

The “two sessions” — annual meetings of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) — just recently came to a close. If you’re an Israeli entrepreneur or policymaker, you probably should have been watching.  The “two sessions” are among the most important political events in China. The meetings serve […]

Israel’s looming conundrum: a US-China cleantech arms race

What has long been hailed as an area where rival nations can find avenues for cooperation is now poised to become the next arena of geopolitical competition. Israeli policymakers should take note.  According to a 2021 risk assessment recently published by the Eurasia Group political risk consultancy, climate will emerge as the new playground of […]

Netanyahu’s good news story

As the longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history, Benjamin Netanyahu has had a profound influence on the course of Sino-Israeli relations. In March 2009, when Netanyahu returned to the helm for the second time (his first stint as PM being from 1996-99), relations with Beijing and Jerusalem stood virtually dormant. Today, diplomatic relations between the […]

Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War

As the United States and China find themselves locked in a battle for technological superiority, Israel’s semiconductor industry could become the next “chip” on Washington’s shoulder. Semiconductors, the building blocks of modern digital technologies, hold the key to achieving breakthroughs in everything from artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to robotics and virtual reality. Concerned […]