Classic Sephardic Judaism, Made in China

Cover Photo: Shanghai, China, April 1910, A Purim party. Credit: Yad Vashem A formidable though short-lived Sephardi presence in early 20th-century Shanghai fostered unique interpretations of Jewish texts and perceptions. The community may have disappeared, but the ideas live on. Both in Israel and abroad Jews are lining up according to a conventional divide: the […]

Is China the next world peacemaker? – opinion

Just last month, China successfully brokered a Saudi-Iranian rapprochement and indicated that it wishes to play peacemaker between Russia and Ukraine. CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTER Qin Gang attends a conference in Shanghai, last week. He has told his Israeli and Palestinian counterparts that Beijing is ready to help facilitate peace talks. (photo credit: ALY SONG/REUTERS) China’s […]

Divergent perceptions of China impact geopolitics

Countries in the Middle East view China’s growing power and influence in starkly different terms from the US and many of its Western allies. These alternative strategic perceptions are likely to have a decisive impact on geopolitics in the years to come. In some ways, they already are.  Western perceptions of China increasingly align Over […]

Israel needs to chart its own course with respect to China

Israel jaffa

Israel’s alliance with the United States is the cornerstone of its foreign policy and should remain so. But a preponderance of common interests is not the same as an identity of common interests. Russia, for example, gave Israel a nearly free hand to engage Iranian assets in Syria even while Russia supported the Assad regime against American-backed […]

Israel government is new normal in the Middle East

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government is anything but the manifestation of extremism portrayed in most of the world’s media. Typical of misreporting in the Western press was Le Monde’s December 28 assertion that “the new coalition gives pride of place to Jewish extremists and the ultra-Orthodox, who plan to weaken the judiciary and expand settlements.”  On […]

SIGNAL Group’s Seventh Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy The 2022 SIGNAL Group Conference is particularly timely in taking stock of the primary drivers shaping Israel’s China Policy. The conference will examine the implications and unfolding dynamics of the Sino-American rivalry in the Middle East. In recent months, the U.S. has publicly acknowledged the growing […]

The China factor: US strategic turning point in the Middle East – opinion

President Biden’s recent Middle East visit might come to mark a strategic turning point. Viewed through the lens of great power competition with China, the Middle East is no longer a distraction for the US but rather a priority. Instead of exiting the Middle East, the US sees it must bolster its posture in the region to […]

U.S. gets an ally in India to counterbalance China in the Middle East

With American President Joe Biden scheduled to visit the Middle East between 13-16 July, stopping off in Israel and Saudi Arabia, many anticipate that a significant regional diplomatic breakthrough will accompany his trip. Since one of the stated goals of Biden’s very first trip is to discuss Israel’s ‘increasing integration into the greater region,’ pundits […]

China starts to sketch new Middle East architecture

As America recalibrates its terms of engagement with the Middle East, China has gradually been expanding its influence in ways that could alter the very character of the regional order.   The burst of diplomatic activity between China and Middle Eastern countries that garnered widespread media attention in January this year is emblematic of this trend.  At the […]