August, 2020

Briefing for the Defense Attachés posted to Israel

SIGNAL Executive Director and Founder, Carice Witte, briefed the Defense Attachés posted to Israel from around the world. The attaches were particularly eager to learn about China’s deepening ties with Israel’s adversaries in the Middle East. Ms. Witte stated that the increased Chinese presence requires Israel to convey clear and consistent messages to China. Pointing out the unique aspects of China-Israel relations, Ms. Witte noted: “After all, Netanyahu doesn’t have a direct hotline to Xi as he does with Putin.”


Japan-Israel Dialogue on China

Expanding the global conversation on China, SIGNAL invited Japanese experts and practitioners to discuss the Middle East and US-China tensions with Israeli counterparts. Indeed, Israel has much to learn from Japan’s approach of “putting a little grey into their relationship” with China. Japan’s long history with China has taught it how to deal effectively with conflicting viewpoints, while maintaining economic cooperation with the Middle Kingdom. The Japanese participants were particularly interested in recent developments in the Middle East and in China’s growing presence. SIGNAL, and the dialogue’s co-organizer, RCAST-UTokyo, determined to hold dialogue sessions on a regular basis.

May 2020

Managing US and China Relations in the Wake of Covid-19

SIGNAL hosted an open roundtable discussion in May 2020, focused on the nature of geopolitics in the Middle East in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The discussion was moderated by former Israeli MK Ksenia Svetlova and featured the perspective and analysis of political experts from communities around the globe. More than 100 people attended the online event and had the opportunity to engage in this dynamic and practical dialogue.


China and the Middle East

SIGNAL convened high-level politicians, academics, and thought-leaders from across the Middle East, including the UAE, Iraq, and Israel, to discuss the shifting geopolitical state of the world and China’s rising influence. Participants from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Singapore, the United States, and Israel attended the closed, invitation-only event. The dynamic discussion revealed not only the conflicting viewpoints typical within the Middle East but also the areas of potential convergence and cooperation.


The Global Positions of China and the US: Before and After the Coronavirus Crisis

The SIGNAL team was invited to participate in The Jewish People Policy Institute – JPPI’s webinar. Founder and Executive Director, Carice Witte, explained the critical need for Israel to adopt a comprehensive, all government approach to engaging China, while simultaneously remaining sensitive to US interests. Other speakers for the online event included Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Herzog, Dr. Shalom Wald, Dan Feferman, and Avinoam Bar-Yosef.

February, 2020

China Seminar at Yale University

SIGNAL invited experts and thought-leaders to gather at Yale University for a China Seminar. Working in cooperation with Yale’s “China Hands Magazine” and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the event featured a fascinating discussion focused on the factors that have catalyzed the state of rivalry between America and China. International political authorities from Italy, Israel, Europe, and the UAE shared their perspectives on their respective countries’ challenges and how they are navigating the new geopolitical context.

November, 2019

Annual China Policy Conference: "China-Israel Relations in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges"

In November 2019, SIGNAL hosted the 4th Annual Conference on Israel’s China Policy. This year’s conference focused on how key countries are dealing with China’s unique approach to foreign affairs and international relations and the growing rivalry between US and China. The conference was co-hosted by the Israel Council on Foreign Affairs and the Institute for Policy and Strategy at Reichman University. Closing remarks were delivered by former Mossad chief and SIGNAL Board Member, Efraim Halevy.